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Recruitment Mercedez Benz Indonesia

Recruitment Mercedez Benz Indonesia - Mercedes-Benz has been in Indonesia for 120 Years. On 1894, The first Mercedes-Benz vehicle in Indonesia. Establishment of: PT Star Motors Indonesia. PT German Motor Manufacturing (joint production with VW) Benz-Model Victoria Phaeton (2000 cc 1 cylinder 5 hp), owned by King of Surakarta, Central Java Changes of Company name: PT Daimler Chrysler Distribution Indonesia becomes PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia. PT DaimlerChrysler Indonesia becomes PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia. Mercedes-Benz Indonesia is Totally Owned by Daimler Business Areas

Recruitment Mercedez Benz Indonesia

Recruitment Mercedez Benz Indonesia

Posisi :

  1. (CCC) Customer Care and Complaint Management Staff
  2. (L/IL) Inbound Logistics
  3. (L/NPM) Logistics Non-production Material
  4. (P/LCM) Launch and Change Management
  5. (P/PTQ) Production Training & Qualification
  6. (IT/CVI) CV Information technology
  7. (E/PD) Process Design
  8. (E/MEC) Manufacturing Engineer — Tools & Jigs
  9. (Q/QME) Quality Management Engineer
  10. (Q/QAE) Quality Assurance Engineer
  11. (Q/HQM) Head of Quality Management CV

Untuk melihat mengenai kualifikasi dan pendaftaran online silahkan klik https://karir.itb.ac.id
Deadline: 01 November 2016

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