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Lowongan Kerja Management Trainee PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk

Lowongan Kerja Management Trainee PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk - PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk berdiri sebagai perusahaan joint venture antara Mandom Corporation, Jepang dan PT The City Factory. Perseroan berdiri dengan nama PT Tancho Indonesia dan pada tahun 2001 berganti menjadi PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk. Kegiatan produksi komersial Perseroan dimulai pada tahun 1971 dimana pada awalnya Perseroan menghasilkan produk perawatan rambut, kemudian berkembang dengan memproduksi produk wangi-wangian dan kosmetik. Perseroan mempunyai dua lokasi pabrik yaitu pabrik Sunter yang khusus memproduksi seluruh produk kosmetik Perseroan sementara pabrik Cibitung berfungsi untuk memproduksi kemasan plastik dan juga sebagai pusat logistik. Kemasan plastik dikirim dari Cibitung ke Sunter untuk diisi kemudian barang jadi dikirim kembali ke Cibitung dan didistribusikan melalui pusat logistik.

Merek utama Perseroan antara lain Gatsby, Pixy, dan Pucelle. Selain itu, Perseroan juga memproduksi berbagai macam produk lain dengan merek Tancho, Mandom, Spalding, Lovillea, Miratone, dan juga beberapa merek yang khusus diproduksi untuk ekspor.

Lowongan Kerja Management Trainee PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk

Lowongan Kerja PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk

We are looking for young talents who are hungry for challenge and want to stay foolish to learn many skills and knowledge within 3 years. If you meet below requirements, this might be your best
chance in your life.

1. Graduated From : UI / ITB / UGM / ITS in the year of 2014/2015/2016
2. Minimum GPA : 3.2 for “Sales-Marketing MT” and 3.0 for “Engineering MT”
3. Field of Study : Sales-Marketing MT (all fields), Engineering MT (engineering related studies)
4. Course : Undergraduate (S1) or Graduate (S2)


Step I
Only who meet the above requirements will proceed to the next step, no exception will be made. The first 50 candidates for each university who meet the requirements will be invited to attend interview in the university he/she graduated.

Step II
Walk-in 3 minutes interview
Interview will be conducted in English. Please bring in your copy of documents such as graduate certificate, transcript, TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC certificate (if any), and any other supporting documents. Submitted documents will not be returned. Interview for candidates who apply on the spot will depend on the situation and the quota left.

Step III
Psychological Test
The evaluation will be performed by professionals to measure the IQ, EQ, and other psychological elements to find out the best fits for our program.

Step IV
Interview with Managers & General Managers
Match-making with the future mentor/coach in the first year after coming back to Indonesia.

Step V
Interview with Directors

Step VI
Medical Check Up
We have to make sure the candidates are ready for 4-season life in Japan and tight
schedule during the 3-year training period.

Step VII
Interview with Top Management

Fill in the Application Form ( click here ) and send to global-mt@mandom.co.id, please do not modify the file and do not send other documents. Documents with macro or embedded script will be automatically deleted and will not be processed. Save the file with your university name and your full name at the end of the file name. Example : “ApplicationForm-UI-MyName.xls”.

The email must be received before Sept 1st, 2016. We will not respond to any question/discussion via email or phone call regarding this program.

The candidates must attend 3-minute interview and bring all documents related to the requirements mentioned in the Step II above. The schedule is :

Sept 5th, 2016 start from 09:30 AM in ITB (Gedung Galeri Arsitektur)
Sept 6th, 2016 start from 09:30 AM in UI (Pusat Study Jepang)
Sept 7th, 2016 start from 09:30 AM in ITS (Auditorium Pascasarjana ITS Lantai 3)
Sept 8th, 2016 start from 11:00 AM in UGM (Hall Perpustakaan Sekolah Vokasi UGM)

For detail, contact Career Center in your university!

We also invite the students and alumni to come in GENERAL LECTURE

09:30 - 11:00 General Lecture by Prof. Bambang Rudyanto
11:00 - 11:30 Presentation About Global MT Program by PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk
11:30 - selesai Submit Documents dan Walk-in Interview For Global MT Program

More info ( click here )

Please register your attendance for General Lecture by online (http://cdc.ui.ac.id/mandom/)

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